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Entertaining Tips

Set the mood with a toast

  1. Start the occasion right by always offering a cheers before the first sip.
  2. Always make eye contact when offering a toast.
  3. Have a toast idea or two ready. Recollect a favorite quote, a sage piece of advice, or even a favorite song lyric, in homage to the occasion.

The Final Sip

If you want it, offer it to a guest first. Their good manners should steer that precious taste right back to you.

Keep Recipes Simple

A mix of store-bought and homemade appetizers keeps you from getting stuck in the kitchen.  Pre-cut fruit and veggies taste better when you didn’t spend hours slaving over them!

Unconventional Ice Cubes

Try freezing fruit such as grapes, strawberries, or blueberries, or make frozen wine cubes out of the wine itself to keep your wine cool without watering it down.

Just Chill

Have a room-temperature bottle that needs to be cooled quickly? Try an ice bucket filled with ice and water, or wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle and place in the freezer. Once your wine reaches the perfect temperature it’s ready to be served. Don’t forget to hold the glass by the stem to avoid warming it with your hands. (Pinky lift optional.)

Don’t lose your glass

Skip the game of “Which one’s my glass?” Have stickers, ribbon or blank name tags available for guests to mark their own.